New Examec assignment: Apple X Strongback for Max IV in Lund

In the continued development of the Max IV Laboratory in Lund, the world’s most powerful accelerator ring for synchrotron light research, Examec has won another public procurement in competition with the country’s most advanced engineering industries.

Max IV writes on its website:

The near term R & D of the Insertion Devices at MAX IV consist of;

  1. Compact APPLE X undulator with a round aperture for the generation of Soft X-ray. A cost-effective solution compared to the existing APPLE II and provides full polarization control with constant effective K-value as a function of phase, i.e. polarization state. The APPLE X is an ideal source for the proposed soft X-ray FEL at MAX IV and gives the possibility to extend the energy range below 2 keV at the FemtoMAX beamline at the SPF. In addition, it offers higher energy range with full polarization tunability at the 3 GeV MAX IV ring compared to the APPLE II undulators.



The delivery consists of the instrument body itself (made of aluminiumin and weighs 850 kgs) in which magnets and other equipment are installed. The precision of the entire instrument is dictated by the quality of the instrument body in which all geometry follows very tight tolerances.

“We are very happy and grateful that we have once again been able to show how we can manufacture very advanced products at very competitive prices, and deliver to one of the world’s most advanced research laboratories,” says Examec CEO Mats Ohlsson.