Examec manufactures vital parts for Neutron Choppers for ESS in Lund.

ESS in Lund is now in a rapid expansion phase, including manufacturing and installing accelerators and beam tubes. Between these are the target area and the rotating target wheel, with tungsten ricochet surfaces, which have just begun to be installed. This target is fired at with protons (the energy equivalent to a 2-ton car that drives straight into a concrete wall, every second) whereby neutrons are detached and channeled into Beam Lines, which are used for experiments.
To pulse these rays, so-called Neutron Choppers are used. One such consists of a channel aiming for a rapidly rotating disc with a small opening in it. Each time the opening passes the beam, a pulse is released through.
A Neutron Chopper is a precision instrument on which very high demands are placed. Examec has now gained the confidence and great joy of manufacturing various vital parts for one of the first of these Choppers.

For further information, please contact Examec CEO Mats Ohlsson on phone +46 708 45 05 67