9 April, 2021

Business Areas

Within our company we have a great bunch of talented craftswomen and -men who possess both highly developed skills and a high level of ambition and service. The major reason for our unceasing improvements is the opportunity to perform to our utmost on a daily basis and we are proud to meet the high expectations of companies and organisations from many different areas.

Just look at the versatility of our list of references.

However, over our almost 20 year history we have developed extraordinary deep skills and competencies within some special areas:

Medical Technology

Examec is a supplier to some of the most demanding clients within medical technology. Machines that we build are a part of advanced equipment for treatment of cancer in the brain as well as other components for medical technology solutions.

Big Science

Successful international research very often depends on extremely advanced research facilities. Among the most renowned are CERN in Geneva and the Swedish plants ESS  and MAX IV in Lund. Examec is a proud supplier to all those three plants.

Packaging Industry

Throughout Examec’s entire history we have supplied the packaging industry with capable solutions, especially for packaging materials and konverteringssidan. Very often in close cooperation and contact with the departments of development as well as logistics for deliveries all over the world.