9 April, 2021

Big Science

Successful international research very often depends on extremely advanced research facilities, Big Science. Research that depends on large scale equipment and plants to the extent that they demand financing from nations or international organizations.

In Europe alone there are more than 100 national and international such facilities.

Among the most renowned are CERN in Geneva and the Swedish plants ESS  and MAX IV in Lund. All of which Examec is a proud supplier to.

But Examec is also a supplier to organizations who in their turn supply Big Science. Scanditronix, a supplier of magnets to particle accelerators for scientific as well as clinical purposes, is one example. Examec also has, via Laser Nova, delivered three Neutron Splitter Discs made of titan and intended for Max IV, that are able to rotate with 60 000 rpm without balancing.

In addition, Examec is a supplier to several clients with a scientific orientation, such as Cox Analytical Systems for whom we build the Itrex Core Scanner for scanning and analysis of drill cores.

The Bomill machines are another example. They manage quality sorting of wheat, durum wheat, barley and oats using high precision, single kernel sorting technology.

Examec is also a member as well as one of the instigators of Big Science Sweden, the official Industrial Liaison Office (ILO) organization that supports Swedish suppliers to Big Science facilities around the world.

Learn more about Big Science Sweden and its members in The Swedish Guide 2020 (Examec on page 109).

For more information on Examec and Big Science, please contact:

Mats Ohlsson

+ 46 417-788 81