1 March, 2016


Constantly updated machinery with advanced high-quality machines and most importantly, well trained, motivated staff with many years of engineering experience ensures accurate results. We have millers with up to six axes, and machinery that combines a lathe and miller. We specialise in manufacturing larger components with high precision.

Our machinery consists of lathes, millers, and sheet sander machines. The size of our work pieces can vary greatly. We mill 8,000 x 1,500 x 1,800 mm with very high precision, turning 3,000 x 850 mm

With the machinery we have, we see ourselves as a complete supplier of metal cutting work. The machines are without exception modern, updated and serviced regularly.

On the milling side, we work on everything from the traditional three-axis millers to highly sophisticated five-axis millers.  

We work with both small and large components. Small components require high efficiency and extreme tolerances, where our strength in this area is our advanced machinery. Large components require a lot of accurate cutting, where our strength lies in our large machines.

We supplement this with sinker and wire electrical discharge machines as these are unbeatable for certain applications.

On the turning side, we have both traditional turning and lathes/millers known as integrex machines.

We handle details up to 15 tonnes and mounted constructions up to 25 tonnes.

For questions related to machining, please contact:

Taina Manninen


+ 46 417-788 56