1 March, 2016

Human resources policy

Examec AB is to be perceived by its employees and the outside world as an employer that offers progressive and responsible work tasks in sound working environments. Our personnel policy is characterised by optimism, openness, and honesty with respect for the individual and responsibility for carrying out the set work duties. The implementation of our personnel policy is a strategic issue in which we all have a shared responsibility. 

Ethics and morals 

personal2Human rights and equality and an open and honest exchange of thoughts and ideas must be the basis for our actions. Open communication with the right, and the obligation, to seek information must prevail.

Leadership and teamwork 

We must have a clearly defined and engaging leadership that encourages an approach to work that is characterised by knowledge, efficiency, initiative, innovation and personal freedom.

Dialogue between employees and management, within and between working teams must be characterised by openness and consensus.

Relations with the unions must be characterised by mutual respect and a trusting relationship. The joint objective is the successful development of the company.


We must have cutting-edge skills in strategic areas and a good balance in the representation of employees. The future sourcing of skills within the organisation must be guaranteed through progressive work tasks.

Every employee must possess the right skills for their specific work tasks and be given the resources and opportunities to ensure and influence hers or his own personal development, as well as that of the company.

The development of current and future work tasks must be based on skills, commitment and performance in the job and be in line with the company’s needs and the employee’s volition and ability.


The recruitment of personnel is an important and long-term investment. All employees at Examec AB must undergo a professionally managed recruitment process. Women and men are valued equally. Employee salary must be appropriate for the duties and match the expectations of the position and skills such as education, work and life experience, work performance, proficiency and volition.


All employees, regardless of gender and ethnic origin, must be given the opportunity to promote personal development, empowerment and to influence their own work situation.

Working environment 

A good working environment is an important competitive tool and a strategic issue for the company. The working environment must be safe and stimulating and be characterised by respect and trust among colleagues and towards external partners.

Alcohol and drugs 

We must prevent and combat alcohol and drug abuse, and the exclusion from working life. We must have an alcohol and drug free workplace.


Tomelilla, February 21, 2019

Mats Ohlsson, MD