9 April, 2021

Packaging Industry


The Swedish Packaging Industry has been a world leader for many years. As supermarkets made their way into the food supply chain in the 50ies, Tetra Pak soon became the answer to its needs.

And today, when e-commerce is growing exponentially all over the world, the need for packaging that simplifies transports where each inch and ounce counts, packaging is more important than ever – and how they are designed and produced to protect the product and the environment.

Throughout its entire history Examec has supplied the packaging industry with capable solutions, especially for packaging materials and converting. Very often in close cooperation and contact with the departments of development as well as logistics for deliveries all over the world.

If you want to know more about Examec and the Packaging Industry, please contact

Mats Ohlsson

+ 46 417-788 81