1 March, 2016


We improve thanks to our customers 

Our  competences and our ambitions would be empty without the daily challenges from our customers. The major reason for our unceasing improvements is the opportunity to perform to our utmost on a daily basis and we are proud to meet the high expectations of companies and organisations such as:


A global provider of innovative ink metering and doctoring systems for flexo and gravure printing.


BoMill’s patented grain quality sorting technology makes it possible to analyze and identify each kernel in a batch of grain and sort them into quality certified fractions.


Manufacturing and assembly of modules for production lines.


Celwise Group has over the last decade developed a new advanced technology to create a system and process which radically changes the way paper is made and formed.

CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research

Machining of units for the RF tuner in the HIE-ISOLDE linear accelerator

Climate RecoveryClimateRecovery

Delivers an assortment of adaptable pre-insulated ducts and fittings to the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) market that offer sustainable benefits to the environment, building industry, and end user.


Corebon produce cost-efficient fiber composite solutions with less impact on the environment.

Cox Analytical Systems

Mechanical development and manufacture of analysis machines for drill cores from the seabed, known as core scanners.

Erik Olssons Mekaniska

Aa leading Swedish company within advanced welding and machining.


Helping clinicians treat cancer & brain disorders through precision radiation medicine. Their radiotherapy treatments target the tumour & protect the patient.

Element Metech

The single point of contact for calibration of measuring instruments, for validation of production equipment, and for dimensional inspection


Charging infrastructure with electric roads and automatic park charging.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO)

ESO is the pre-eminent intergovernmental science and technology organisation in astronomy. It carries out an ambitious programme focused on the design, construction and operation of powerful ground-based observing facilities for astronomy, in order to enable important scientific discoveries.

ESS (European Spallation Source)

Enclosure for Neutron Chopper in the accelerator, a rotating device designed to block the neutron beam for some fraction of each revolution of the chopper.

ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)

The world’s brightest synchrotron, provides the international scientific community with unprecedented tools to study materials and living matter. The ESRF is an international cooperation of 22 partner countries.


Exciscope develops the next generation x-ray microimaging! Their phase-contrast technology enables imaging of low-contrast samples, such as soft biological tissues, carbon fiber composites and other organic materials.


Systems for the transport of material in iron powders production

ILL (Institut Laue-Langevin)

An internationally financed scientific facility, situated  in Grenoble, France. It is one of the world centres for research using neutrons. The ILL provides one of the most intense neutron sources in the world.


Industrispår AB offers services and tools/equipment for railways.

Koenigsegg Automotive

Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performance sports cars based in Ängelholm.

Laser Nova

Laser Nova use laser technology for cutting, welding, engraving and drilling.


Lindab is an international Group that develops, manufactures, markets and distributes products and system solutions for simplified construction and improved indoor climate.

Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH

A faculty of Lund University that has overall responsibility for education and research in engineering, architecture and industrial design.

Marstrom Composite

From Tornado boats, manufacturing has been extended to other types of boats, masts and bars, as well as various products in the airline industry, vehicles, defense and medical technology.


Complicated details for packaging industry machinery.

Max IV Laboratory

We make constructions for their accelerators.


Sedan 1989 a leader in precision CNC machining.


A leading Nordic supplier of casting and smithery products.

Melins Metall

Machining of complicated aluminium castings.

NOA Mekaniska

The engineering workshop situated at Fosie in Malmö/Sweden.


Norfrig is the exclusive agent for Fahrzeugwerk Bernard Krone GmbH in Sweden.


Manufacturing of equipment for the production process.

Orust Yacht Service

A full-service ship yard.

Introducing a whole new system for moving freight volumes from road to rail.


Presona is the complete supplier of compacting equipment, balers and compactors, for professional users and they use our welding competencies.

Rega Yacht

Polish Yacht builder.


Develop and manufacture solutions in stainless steel, and offer full support throughout the entire process from design and development of prototypes to production, assembly, quality controls and installation.


The engineering group in mining and rock excavation, rock processing, metal cutting and materials technology, providing optimized products and solutions based on digitalization, innovation and sustainable engineering.


World leading company in electromagnets and coils for accelerators for example, which has been supplying a range of components to the particle accelerator at Cern, among other things. Examec delivers machined parts for these, such as advanced metal cores for electromagnets.

Simrishamn Shipyard/Tenö Shipyard

We produce kits for superstructures on ships such as cabins, winches, electrical devices et cetera.

Swedish Sea Rescue Societysjoraddnings

A voluntary organisation that has saved lives at sea for more than a hundred years.

Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB)

The Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB, abbreviated SKB) is a company founded by the Swedish nuclear power industry. Among its primary operations are the management and disposal of nuclear waste and expended nuclear fuel.

Tetra Pak

Examec’s manufacturing for Tetra Pak includes the assembly and final testing of highly complex modules for pressure lines as well as development, design and manufacture of cooling systems for filling machines. Furthermore, we develop, design, manufacture and install a range of test rigs.


UFAB offers its customers profitability through leaner and greener production of advanced components and machinery systems.

Uppsala University

We deliver to the Faculty for Science and Technology, the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Vindö Marine

A boatyard that has been building, storing and improving boats for more than 40 years.


Tools for the installation of high-speed points for railways. Diverse manufacturing.


A medical technology company focused on developing optimized solutions for organ, tissue and cell preservation and perfusion in connection with transplantation.

Ystad City

We supply outdoor furniture designed by Design5mm