25 October, 2022

Industrial lacquering

Our department for industrial lacquering has long experience, even though it is new within the Examec Group, and handles everything from small pop rivets to larger steel structures.

One of southern Sweden‘s most skilled

The painting function has been realized with the acquisition of Vallby Billack AB, one of Skåne’s most skilled car painting companies, which over the years has invested in absolute top equipment. The business, which is now focused entirely on industrial coatings, is led by Azem Haxhijaj, who has extensive experience in industrial lacquering.

Depending on the given customer’s specifications we use resilient solvent based lacquers or environmentally friendly water lacquer. Our collaboration with the paint suppliers’ expertise means that you can always discuss your surface treatment with us to find the best solution.

A high degree of precision and uniformity

Our processes are structured to produce a high degree of precision and uniformity where pre-treatment, coating and subsequent curing are carried out to the specifications of the lacquer suppliers. Necessary measures are taken so that both products and personnel maintain a high level of cleanliness in critical moments, where foreign particles can otherwise negatively affect the process.


For questions related to industrial lacquering, please contact:

Azem Haxhijaj


+46 417-788 59