1 March, 2016

Environmental policy


Examec specialises in high precision components  and advanced machine engineering. Our operations are characterised by a continual environmental effort, an ongoing improvement process (particularly in the areas of energy and transport). 


The overall purpose of Examec’s environmental policy is to minimise the company’s direct and indirect impact on the environment (by ensuring that for example subsuppliers comply with environmental standards, etc.). We are constantly working on preventing and minimising environmental pollution and to achieve an exceptional level of sustainability. Laws, regulations and the environmental demands of our customers and other stakeholders are to be taken into account, and effective measures taken.


We abide by the substitution principle, i.e., poorer technologies, materials, substances, etc., are to be continually replaced by better, more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

The precautionary principle shall determine our choice of activities that pose major risks, and the circulation principle is to be adhered to. The waste hierarchy principle is fundamental in this respect.

Examec’s customers and other stakeholders set very ambitious goals; thus, we meet their demands and preferences to the extent reasonable and share their goals.

Areas of responsibility

Our management is responsible for ensuring that employees are informed of Examec’s environmental efforts and for giving them the opportunity to participate. Another objective is that employees feel a sense of responsibility and promote preventive environmental strategies. Employees are urged to contribute creative solutions in the environmental area. The management team and the board of directors carry the ultimate responsibility.

Valid as of February 28, 2023

Mats Ohlsson