Examec produces Elekta’s new gamma knife

50th anniversary Elekta launches the new gamma knife Elekta Esprit. 400 machines have already been sold and the new knife is expected to account for 15-20 percent of sales in the next few years. And Examec in Tomelilla is responsible for the production!

Elekta has developed radiosurgery to an unmatched level with the launch of Elekta Esprit. This latest and most advanced system offers significantly faster automated treatment planning for physicians, more customized and patient-friendly treatments and a degree of precision that can better protect a person’s full ability and memory.

Esprit was launched at the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) 2022 on 6 May. More information is available here.

“We are very happy and grateful that we can once again show that we can manufacture very advanced products at very competitive prices, and deliver to one of the world’s most advanced companies,” says Examec’s CEO Mats Ohlsson.