Examec delivers chopper to EES in Lund

During the spring, Examec received a price request regarding chopper sub frames to ESS, which included a complete quotation of all components.

A chopper is, simply put, a device with a rotating disc in which there are openings. These should let through a beam that then takes on a pulsating shape.

Examec has previously produced just such discs for MaxLab IV. In that case, the discs were made of titanium and could rotate at up to 60,000 revolutions without balancing during tests.

During the autumn, Examec has now received orders for four sub frames for chopper houses, which will form the basis for the new choppers to be installed in their Beam Lines this winter.

The challenges are precision, shape stability and delivery time.

All details will be delivered according to plan with full measurement protocols and material certificates.



For more information, please contact:
Mats Ohlsson, Examec AB, phone +46 708-45 05 67.