The geometric shape of the raw material was a challenge when Examec was to process a forged stainless material for CERN.

Examec specializes in precision parts and advanced machine building in smaller series. Machines are usually built with the highest reliability requirements, where hassle and breakdown would cause serious consequences. This is especially true of CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

“The collaboration between us has been going on for several years and during this time we have had the pleasure of welcoming many visitors and representatives from the facility,” says Examec’s CEO, Mats Ohlsson.

“The latest challenge was mainly about the material itself. A special stainless steel material that has been specially forged with a certified cobalt content below 0.1% at an ironwork in Europe. The geometric shape of the raw material was a challenge as well as getting it heat treated to remove tension without affecting the grain structure.”

Tensions in the material could lead to changes of form in the final stages of processing, which could render the part unusable. As usual, strict tolerances are required in these contexts.

The flanges were delivered according to plan with material certificates and complete measurement protocols from Examec’s metrology department on all parts.

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Mats Ohlsson, Examec AB, by phone +46 708 45 05 67.