Examec wins another procurement for Max Lab IV in Lund


Examec is a long-time approved Max Lab supplier and now they have won another procurement for advanced parts with extreme precision demands for the accelerator. ”Therefore MAX IV Lab has announced its decision to award Examec the contract.”

”The assessment was based on quality, delivery capacity and price and we are one again happy to win the procurement on high quality rather than low price”, says managing director, Mats Ohlsson.

MAX-lab is a national synchrotron light laboratory in Lund. The only one of its kind in Sweden, it is open to researchers from around the world. Researchers at the laboratory study the structure of matter, which has led to a number of broadly applicable findings. A new facility, MAX IV at Brunnshög, is currently under construction. It will offer a unique level of performance, paving the way for exciting new research.

The design of the facility will permit various processes to be studied with considerably greater precision than ever before. Researchers will also be able to explore extremely short-lived reactions. Environmental scholars, energy researchers, palaeontologists, material specialists and many others will benefit from MAX IV.

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