18 March, 2020


As per July 1,  2021 we no longer issue weekly updates but as long as the pandemic is ongoing we still act with utmost vigilance in our daily activities.


Weekly update:

  • The company is in 100% operation.
  • There is no impact from un-well staff on operations (in fact no staff is affected by Covid-19)
  • Our weekly survey of 70 key suppliers does not show any weakness in the supply chain.
  • Transport companies are performing in a normal fashion
  • The order situation is strong and unaffected by the Covid-19 crisis
  • For any question on the impact of the pandemic on our operations, please contact me directly.

Mats Ohlsson, MD


Examec Group Contingency Planning due to Corona Virus

Current events demand careful planning and strict routines in order to safeguard the health of our personnel and ultimately the performance of the company.

Actions taken:

  • All staff is instructed, in writing, how to act in a contagious environment, in terms of hygiene, coughing, greetings etc. etc.
  • Three times a week we run a personnel survey in order to map circumstances that could potentially affect the health of our personnel. A relative / friend who has been travelling, children at school who have had a health problem etc, etc.
  • Hygienic procedures include: Twice daily door handles, keyboards that are used collectively, toilets and faucets are disinfected by alcohol; we have a generous supply of respiratory masks for each employee; drivers must use one when stopping elsewhere, we have alcoholic disinfectant on toilets and in vehicles, manufacturing of our own hand disinfectant, gloves are freely available, etc. etc,
  • We have restricted visits to a bare minimum (accepted only for the purpose of service to our equipment) and we do not travel.
  • We are monitoring our suppliers as well as mapping second or third sources for availability as regards parts and services.
  • For all relevant staff we have VPN-connections so work can be conducted from home.


  • If office staff get affected, work from home is possible and advisable.
  • If management is affected, work from home is possible.
  • If production personnel is affected then:
  1. Other personnel can be moved from the office to the production environment
  2. Employees in the production environment will serve double functions and the lack of capacity compensated by other personnel (from 1. office, 2. outside source) working a second shift / prolonged dayshift.
  3. Reduced capacity could be compensated by second or third source
  • At this point in time we do not see any lack of supplies or services. Diligent work is carried out mapping the state of the supply chain. We do not take any supplies from outside Europe.

Tomelilla, March 16, 2020

Mats Ohlsson, MD